April 25, 2018                                                                     Author:  Len Motuzas Thrive Business Consulting   Avoid at all costs, Email Craziness.  Emails that offend customers are toxic to your business and can ruin great relationships with your best customers.  We have seen too many times business owners shake their heads in disbelief, left wondering […]

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      Be a Top Sales Producer Here are my top 5 selling tips that have helped me consistently deliver top sales results.  Use these tips and your numbers will grow. Take the time to research your prospect. The better you are informed, the better your connection will be. Simplify your message (clear, concise and short). […]

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  • Why should a prospect buy from you?

    Answering this question to the prospect will help your selling success rate grow SIGNIFICANTLY.  Here are five tips that will help to answer the question “Why should I buy from you?” Make a point of letting your prospect know that it is easy to do business with you and your company. You may be offering […]

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  • Have you taken your holidays yet? Why not?

    Have you taken your holidays yet?  Why not? Five excuses why business owners don’t take the amount of holidays that they need and deserve. When I am not there, my business will crumble and I will be left trying to put the pieces back together again. I can’t afford for production to fall. I need […]

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  • 5 Tips on How to Maximize Business from Your Best Customers

    Your best customers are your highest revenue generators. Give them the special attention that they deserve. You can increase your company revenue and profits without having to spend time and money looking for new business. Here are some tips to help you maximize your business with your top revenue producing customers: Identify who your best customers are. Let […]

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  • Five Super Sales Tips to Help You Win Business

    To help your organization win good business, here are some proven selling strategies that will help your organization thrive and flourish. Choose to be happy right from wake-up to going to sleep. Being positive and upbeat will create the type of energy people will want to do business with. Be totally honest at every level of […]

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