Finding Your Dream Customers

Before you can find your dream customers you need to know what constitutes a dream customer.

  1. They have to need your product and service.
  2. You like them and they like you. It is easier to do business with people you care for.
  3. They pay on time with no hassle.
  4. They are a repeat customer. They buy a lot.
  5. They are located in the area you are able to do business in.

Once you have established what is a Dream Customer, here are some tips on how to go about finding them.

  1. You may have a list of businesses that fit the Dream Customer profile in your current data base that you tried but not succeeded in doing business with.
  2. You can purchase lead lists from various sources. You can define your criteria to get a list that meets your Dream Customer profile.
  3. Internet research is a tremendous tool opens the door to many local business searches
  4. Trade shows can give you a collection of potential Dream Customers.
  5. Community networking events done by Business groups such as your local Chamber of Commerce is a good source of Dream Customers. You have the opportunity to meet and greet.
  6. Social Media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are useful tools to help create a list.

Author:  Len Motuzas

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