Five Super Sales Tips to Help You Win Business

To help your organization win good business, here are some proven selling strategies that will help your organization thrive and flourish.

  1. Choose to be happy right from wake-up to going to sleep. Being positive and upbeat will create the type of energy people will want to do business with.
  2. Be totally honest at every level of the sales process. You not only need to earn the buyer’s trust, you need to keep it.
  3. All buying decisions are emotional. People will not buy on data alone. Get to know your prospect. Ask open-ended questions. Listen to the answers. Build relationships. Show genuine curiosity about the customer and their business.
  4. Assume the sale. When you exude confidence and believe in your product, the buyer will be drawn to your message. Use words such as “Which do you prefer, Model A or B”, or “It sounds like you are ready to move forward”.
  5. Ask for a referral. Nothing sells better than social proof. Even when first time calls end with no sale, asking for a referral shows the buyer that you are a professional. People genuinely like to help. It’s a great way to grow your business.

Author:  Len Motuzas

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