Five Tips on How to Generate Sales Leads through Social Media

  1. Engage your customer, don’t try to sell them. Social users don’t want a hard sell. They want to be entertained. Social Media is about being social. Offer value and interesting insights.
  2. Your viewers want to get to know you. Give them some information about you and/or your company. Maybe you ran in the Boston Marathon to help sponsor the charity of your choice.
  3. Mix it up. Different things appeal to different people. Some people prefer watching a video or picture(s) over reading. Give them a riddle to solve or a thought provoking trivia question to answer.
  4. Ask for feedback from your viewers and respond to it. Never delete a negative post. Your viewers will respect that.
  5. Run your updates at the right times. If your target audience is business, then working hours will work best to get your message read. If your audience is young adults, then weekends are the best time. For international customers, you need to check time zones. Time your updates to your customer.

Author:  Len Motuzas

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